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R.V. Park


Applecover Inn

R. V. Park


Our R. V. Park features concrete patios for every site  Each site also has level concrete runways that make parking a breeze!  There is a very clean and modern bathhouse for your convenience.  


Most sites are in the shade for most of the day.  


We have laundry facilities on the premises, along with a mess hall that you are welcome to use.

(Click here to see the mess hall!)

Prices are based on 2 person occupancy:

Prices include full hook-up... water, sewer, electric, and cable -- (70 plus channels, including HBO).

R.V. Daily:        $22

R.V. Weekly:        $125

R.V. Monthly:        $375

R.V. Seasonal (6 months):     $1800

Rates based on 2 person lease.

Guests: $2 each per day.

Please note:  We are renting this space to you, not to you AND your family.  The way we keep these rates so low, is to run the motel successfully, and keep the RV Park tenants to only 2 persons.  Our park is too small to allow large families to come and go.  Other larger parks can afford the space to do this.  We are also not allowing pets in the park seasonally.  We have just had way too many complaints.  You can click here for an explanation.


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