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Ride 6
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Hot Springs Ride

Drive time:  about 3 to 4 hours.

bulletTurn right out of Applecover Inn on 19, ride for about 4 miles.
bulletTurn left on 276 North, which will be the second light.
bulletTravel for 6 miles and go underneath I-40.
bulletTurn Right onto Rabbit Skin Road.
bulletGo about ? miles until you ride alongside a river on your left. 
bulletWhen you see the large bridge to your left, turn left and go over it.
bulletAt the stop sign, turn right onto Riverside drive.
bulletFollow Riverside Drive to the end.
bulletTurn left onto Highway 209.
bullet209 makes a right turn in Fines Creek.  You will see an old store (Furgeson's) on the corner.
bulletTurn right and continue following 209 North.
bullet209 will take you directly into Hot Springs.  There are several little shops and some restaurants here.  The Diner on the left is good, and right before the railroad tracks, if you turn right, there is a little place called “Iron Horse Station” that has great food.
bullet209 turns into 25/70 in Hot Springs.  Continue on this road towards Asheville.  The actual springs are just before you go over the bridge to leave Hot Springs on your left.  They have naturally heated spring water in their hot tubs.
bulletAfter a few miles on 25/70, be sure to veer right at the yield, and continue on 25/70 towards Asheville.
bulletStay on 25/70 for a while looking for Momma's Kitchen on the right.
bulletTurn right onto Little Pine Road which is also Sweet Water Road, right after Momma's Kitchen.
bulletAfter a few miles, you will go over the Pigeon River again.  Just after the bridge you will take an IMMEDIATE left turn onto Bear Creek Road.
bulletFollow Bear Creek Road until you get to a 4 way intersection.
bulletAt the Stop sign, turn right onto Meadows Town Road until it ends.
bulletTurn left on Leicester Highway, which is also 63, heading towards Asheville.
bulletFollow 63 until you reach Newfound Road.  You will get into a small town area, and there is a gas station (Citgo, no longer has gas pumps) right on the corner.
bulletTurn right onto Newfound Road.
bulletYou will come to I-40 eventually.  If you wish to get back quickly, get on the interstate heading west.  Get off at exit 27 and follow the signs for Maggie Valley.
bulletTo tour a couple more little towns, continue on Newfound Road.
bulletYou will come into downtown Canton.  Canton is a papermill town, you will see it as you ride through.
bulletTurn left onto Bridge Street.  Turn right onto 19/23 and head towards Clyde.
bulletBoth these towns were devastated by the floods of '05.  Florence and Ivan came through within 2 weeks of each other and flooded both these towns.  It was a very sad time, but they have come back remarkably well.
bulletAfter you go through Clyde, continue on 19/23, which will become a freeway.
bulletGet on the freeway and head towards Maggie Valley.
bulletGet off exit 103 (Maggie Valley/Highway 19)
bullet7½ miles later, you will be back at Applecover  Inn, ready to sit in a rocking chair!

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