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Ride 4
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This ride takes you through Asheville, Bat Cave, Chimney Rock, and to Lake Lure.  You wind up coming back on a VERY secluded road that is a great bike ride.


Begin in Maggie Valley, going north on 19.  You will be forced onto the 4 lane going north (23/74).  Follow this road to I-40.  Take I-40 East to Asheville.  Stay on I-40 through Asheville to exit 53.  This is 74A (alternate 74) and will take you into Bat Cave and Chimney Rock.  If you want to go up Chimney Rock, it is incredible.  It will take you about an hour to do the tour.  There are also a lot of neat shops to check out here.  Keep following 74A to Lake Lure.  There is a neat little place to have a snack, lunch, or drink (they have alcohol here) called Margaritaville.  You can watch the folks play on the beach. 

To come back to Maggie Valley, head back on 74A.  When you get to 64, head west towards Hendersonville.  You will go under I-26.  In Hendersonville, make your way to Haywood Road, which is also 191. Take Haywood Road North.  In Mills River, you will continue North, merging with Boylston Highway, also 191.  After a few miles, you will turn left onto Brevard Road/Old Haywood Road, also 191.  Stay on 191 until you get to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and head south towards Cherokee/Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The next exit will be Highway 151, get off here and head north (only direction you can go.)  This is a really nice, secluded road.  This will eventually go through some very small towns, winding up in Candler.  At the stop light in Candler, turn left on 19/74/23.  Follow this to Canton, and on into Clyde.  Keep an eye out for road signs in Canton, it can be a little tricky.  Once back in Clyde, follow the signs for 19, and it will bring you on back to Maggie Valley.