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Ride 2
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This is kind of a shortened version of the previous ride, and leaves out Brevard, Cashiers, Highlands, and Franklin. 

You begin in Maggie Valley.  Take 19 to 276 and head to Waynesville.  Continue on 276 through Waynesville.  This road will take you through the beautiful rolling country hills of Cruso and Bethel.  After that, you will begin to climb.  At the ridge, you will pass the Blue Ridge Parkway, and begin your descent.  Be on the lookout for a couple of different falls.  There is Looking Glass Falls (click for a picture) which you MUST stop to look at.  Then there is Sliding Rock (click for a picture), the falls you can ride!  It may be a little cold, but it is fun to stop and watch the kids go down, goose pimples and all!  Be prepared to pay a nominal fee to park here.

At this point, turn around and head back up to the Blue Ridge Parkway on 276.  Get on the Parkway and head south (towards Cherokee).  The next exit is 215.  Get off of the Parkway here, and head north (towards Waynesville).  This will bring you back to the junction of 215 and 276.  At this point, head north on 276 back into Waynesville, and if you like, back to Maggie Valley.

215 is a really great road with VERY little traffic.